How To Be Funny Instantly

Don't Let Anyone Tell You That You Can't Be Funny!

Being Funny Is A Fairly Simple Concept. Learn It And See How You Can Be Transformed into a Funny Person!

laughing with friends

This is where it happens. This is where you can learn to be funny; around friends, around girls, around your family, your boss, your teacher…

No, I mean it.

Funny, is NOT random. Funny is SCIENTIFIC.

  • What if I told you that the human brain is hard-wired to laugh at specific stimuli?
  • What if I told you that once you understood those stimuli, you could actually learn to get people to laugh, instantly?
  • What if I told you that being funny is a simple matter of developing a few simple skills?
  • What if I told you that with ONE SIMPLE TECHNIQUE you could improve your ability to be funny literally overnight?

Well it’s TRUE!!!

I’ve been performing comedy for 26 years.

I’ve written comedy for tons of other people and celebrities and I’ve taught countless “unfunny” people how to become funny and I can teach you the techniques that you can apply to your own dialogue or discussion to start being looked at by your friends and family as a being a FUNNY person!

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And learning the techniques is FUN too! You’ll have a blast learning to recognize the words and opportunities in everyday conversation to turn a normal conversation into a funny conversation.

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